About Rosewood Chinese Cuisine

Nikki S Garcia got his begin in the 2008’s working in Toronto’s Chinese eatery. He took his cooking skill to a few spots, where he and his better half Jenny opened the Chinese food eatery. Nikki was referred to for his carefree character and in addition making Chinese best sustenance Loyal benefactors lined the lanes on opening day for an essence of his delectable profound dish manifestations.

If You Build It, They Will Come.

Subsequent to meeting with a gigantic accomplishment in Alberta, Nikki chose to open another eatery in a little Village. Tragically, it had an intense start. A noteworthy street development extend started a couple of months after the eatery’s opening and for 14 months business endured massively. At a certain point the bookkeepers prompted Nikki to close the entryways before it demolished him. Be that as it may, Nikki would have nothing to do with that thought and persisted. Beyond any doubt enough, once the development finished, individuals came by the thousand to Nikki’s Chinese eatery.

Keeping It In The Family

In 2014, Nikki S Garcia met with a less than ideal passing when he succumbed to tumor. Nikki’s most established child, Marc, was simply moving on from school and joined his mom in the privately-owned company. A couple of years after the fact, Marc’s more youthful sibling, Rick, completed his ball vocation at downstate Illinois’ Bradley University and he joined the privately-run company too.

Our People Are Just as Important

The other key fixing to Nikki’s is our committed staff and faithful clients. More than 15% Rosewood Chinese Cuisine’s workers have been with the organization for a long time or more, which is a demonstration of the way that we draw in and support reliability.