The Reasons Your Restaurant Traffic is Dipping

Restaurants have been found reporting their monthly earnings to be declining for decades now.

It’s definitely not because people have started eating out less but there’s definitely something wrong with your restaurant’s situation.


Truth be told, the National Restaurant’s Association predicts that by year-end 2017, Americans will have burnt through $799 billion eating out, while in 2010 the population just spent $586 billion on eateries.

Furthermore, Americans are spending more at bars and eateries than on daily kitchen goods.

Summing it all up, Americans are eating out more often than before.

In case, you’ve also noticed a change in your routine as you eat out, look into these few reasons that may be causing it:

1. The Modern Restaurant Challenge:

I agree that this issue has been bothering restaurant owners for a few years.

Truth be told, eating out is not as much of a trend as it used to be 5 or 10 years ago. We’ve all observed this changing trend in our eating routines over time.

Top tier restaurants are battling to attract a fair number of customers each year. You’ll get the same kind of reply upon asking any restaurant consultant.

The simple answer they’ll give you would be that “Good is Not Good Enough Anymore”. Which portrays how consumer demands are constantly rising and it is difficult to fulfill their expectations.

2. Falling Behind Greatness:

I heard Tony Robbins portray this impact on business today superior to any other in the market.

He expresses that your business will be compensated 1 stage beneath the nature of its operation.

1. Good restaurants getting poor outcomes
2. Great restaurants get great outcomes
3. Excellent restaurants get awesome outcomes

The odd part is that despite the fact that there is a level above Excellent, those places don’t get astounding outcomes, they get everything.

3. Media Based Economy

What made this bedlam happen? Why eateries that were once great and reliably occupied are not any longer?

Each industry has a media outlet to thank for the new economy or poor outcomes. In our industry, we can express gratitude towards Food Network.

I call this economy the “Media-based Economy.”

The food range brought the best from everywhere throughout the world into our family rooms. However, sadly, it also aided towards the demise of it all.


Where To Get Vancouver’s Best Chinese Food

Vancouver’s Chinese restaurants routinely get ranked among the best in North America. However, how would you make sense of where — and what — to eat?

Since even 20 dishes can be a great deal to process, here’s our beginning aide — some restaurants you should explore, their honor winning plates, and tips on what else to keep in mind.

Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

This top-notch Cantonese eatery comes offers a luxurious environment with a roomy lounge area that brings out an aura of the downtown horizon.

The don’t-miss dish? Heated lemon BBQ pork pie — sweetened grilled pork punched up with tart citrus and stuffed into a lusciously flaky baked dough.

Round out your dinner with a blend of customary and contemporary little plates, from exemplary har gow (steamed shrimp dumplings) to Buddha’s devour (blended vegetables).

For dessert, consider the specially prepared sago and dark sesame pudding.

Kirin Restaurant

Located in the highly populated Vancouver City Hall, this top of the line Cantonese eatery took prizes this year for three new dish introductions:

  1. The southern style boneless chicken with minced prawns, glutinous rice
  2. Chestnut glue and geoduck (monster mollusk) arranged two ways
  3. Smoked live lobster with grouped mushrooms.

If not in the mood for something fancy, you can feast well on more straightforward recipes as well.

These include the steamed entire fish along with different Chinese greens that are new to most of us.

In case you’re health conscious, including a healthy platter of boiled noodles may be a good choice.

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant

This upscale Richmond lounge area has earned more best dish awards than whatever any other Chinese eatery in the vicinity, for its imaginative Hong Kong-style food.

From sautéed prawns with soy to singed squab to the creative braised chayote squash with pork and safeguarded vegetable.

You’ll discover the current year’s prize-winning dish, rotisserie pumpkin stays with egg yolk sauce.

That also at affordable prices. The photograph filled menu makes it simpler for you to choose.