Trekking to the Toronto Suburbs for Excellent, Cheap Chinese Food

I was walking through calf-high grass in a mechanical zone only several miles north of Toronto’s city limits. Having crossed through an auto dealership, I dashed over a roadway and navigated an apparently unending shopping center parking area. There were presently huge swaths along the street where the walkway totally vanished; development was steady, and new structures seemed, by all accounts, to be flying up all over the place. I gave careful consideration to drive next time.

Why might I try to invest energy in Markham and Richmond Hill, when Toronto and its superb eateries, inviting open spaces and unprecedented social assorted variety were so adjacent? Since I was searching for good — better than average — Chinese sustenance. Also, everybody I addressed disclosed to me that the great Toronto Chinatown, with the convergence of Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street West as its core, while beguiling, had started to decrease as far as quality. Thus I was gone to suburbia, to the hallway along Highway 7, an unscenic however beating supply route of brilliant, scrumptious and reasonable territorial Chinese food.

Back to my trek through the weeds: I at long last made it to my goal, a tremendous, non specific looking strip shopping center called First Markham Place. I needed dumplings, and xiao long bao were noticeable in my brain. I strolled into Ding Tai Fung (not Din Tai Fung, the renowned Taiwanese chain) for a request of the soup dumplings, which are formed somewhat like a straightened onion and squeezed together at the best, and come steaming hot in a bamboo wicker container. The dried scallop and pork rendition (8.49 Canadian dollars, or about $6.40), presented with a red-tinged vinegar and fragments of ginger, were little blasts of flavor.

In any case, the southern Chinese cooking there is fantastic, especially the namesake congee, a healthy rice porridge to which any number of fixings can be included. We requested the House Super Bowl Congee and got a huge bowl stuffed with surf shellfishes, shrimp, scallops, salmon, grouper and other cut fish. It was a dish to convey tears to the eyes of any fish sweetheart, and, at 12.95 dollars, a fabulous deal.